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The choice for today and for tomorrow

The concept of sustainability has long been an integral part of Filivivi’s ethical heritage and its operational horizon. This means attention to production processes as well as the method with which natural resources are utilised. An awareness that reflects itself on product and company development projects, on both long and short terms, which regards all processing, from the selection of raw materials up to logistics

All treatments carried out in our establishments scrupulously respect the regulations aimed at protecting human health and the environment. The company has long since set the goal of reducing its environmental impact below what is required by the regulations.


All treatments carried out in our factories comply scrupulously with the Reach regulation, the European system for the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances designed to protect both our health and the environment. Our priority in the selection of chemical products, necessary for production, is to identify and select the safest ones for the environment and health.

Filivivi obtained Oekotex sTeP certification after a process od thorough analysis and audits that has embraced all sectors of organisation and production activities. This confirms the tangible results of Filivivi’s commitment for sustainability. Concerning emissions and work safety, Filivivi production facilities pursue revised and periodically updated self defined targets, more ambitious than national and European norms.

Special attention is paid to energy consumption that are covered on an increasing measure from “in house” renewable energy. Filivivi has plans for a significant increase in the usage of renewable energy in the upcoming 5 years, thanks to already allocated investments. In the same period, a plan already in the implementation phase will grant a significant reduction of energy consumption, thanks to interventions both on the production machines and on the lighting of workplaces

Great attention is equally paid by the company to the social aspects: firstly and dutifully, towards safety standards in work places which allowed to obtain a very low number of accidents and injuries at work. Correctness of the salaries, full involvement of the collaborators in the company activities, thanks to a bidirectional communication policy, and the pursuit of a collaborative atmosphere, renders Filivivi a company with a low turnover of personnel, which says a lot on how the company is appreciated by its own employees


Sustainable products – Lanerossi Green

Today Filivivi and its production facilities are certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), and Filivivi offers a sustainable yarn collection with the Lanerossi brand.

GOTS is recognised as the most important standard for sustainable production of garments and textile products made of natural fibres from organic farming, such as organic cotton or organic wool. It is a certification protecting the customer, accepted in all major markets

GOTS guarantees complete traceability: all the material must come from certified organic farms. In addition, the protocol severely limits the use of chemicals potentially harmful for the environment or the health, from the harvesting to the subsequent manufacturing phases. Finally, the protocol provides for verification of compliance with corporate ethics in terms of social guarantees, labour protection and equity, also under the salary profile, on the workplace.

GOTS certified products from Lanerossi Green line are: Amico Bio and Woolcot Bio

The RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) protocol as well guarantees the complete traceability of raw materials and supply chain, It certifies that wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land, and from sheep that have been treated responsibly. The protection of soil health, biodiversity and native species, as well as the responsible treatment of the animals that have to be free from all deprivation, are essential.

RWS certified product from Lanerossi Green is Amico Eco

Some Significant Dates

  • From 1993 both Folco and Lanerossi began to systematically certify its own products on the basis of Oekotex 100 standard.
  • From 2005 Filivivi was amongst the first companies to, regularly upon request, offer “mulesing free” wools.
  • From 2008 Amico Bio, a 100% organic merino yarn is introduced in collection. After 2017 this product has been GOTS certified, thanks to the development of a new type of treatment that does not use chlorines.
  • From 2013 Filivivi uses Bluefinder of Bluesign, instrument that helps in the selection of non harmful chemical agents.
  • From 2017 Filivivi and its production structures have been certified GOTS from ICEA ( cert-nr. 2017- 020).
  • From 2019 Filivivi become an Oekotex sTeP certified company.
  • From 2023 Filivivi have been certified ‘Nativa Precious Fiber (NPF 2019)’ from ICEA.