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Stock Service

It is not  timportant simply to meet customer needs in every way possible, it is vital to be able to anticipate them with the help of experience, competence and the ability to forecast market trends. That is why we devote meticulous attention to the efficiency of our warehouse stock service covering a wide range of yarns and colours and catering for large and smaller orders alike, and that is an important resource for customers who require timeliness and reliability.


Worlwide Distribution

Our carefully planned distribution system allows us to deliver orders rapidly, but that is not all. We are also capable, on demand, of delivering yarns directly to the factories indicated by the customer wherever they are located.



Colour is a language, Folcolor is its dictionary, a brilliant, practical and intuitive method for codifying and selecting colour in over a thousand nuanced hues, making it easier to compare them and allowing instant access to the yarn in the chosen range. Folcolor colour cards, designed for utmost simplicity of use, offer a sequence of hues, each of which is divided in turn into four sub-hues. Each card also contains a series of strips organised along visual axes reflecting the colour’s perceptible characteristics: clarity or luminosity (developed from the bottom up) and saturation (increasing from left to right). It is easy to choose by running through the ideal hues in order to compose the palette with which you wish to express your creativity. Folcolor: the colour ranges unfold harmoniously, evoking the freshness of spring leaves and the intensity of autumn foliage, the searing light of a summer’s day at sea and the misty atmosphere of a winter landscape.



Doing things well. Responsibly.

Guaranteed and certified raw materials, production methods complying scrupulously with environmental and health standards, storage in sanitised areas and transportation in equally sanitised vehicles. In everyone’s interest. All treatments adopted in our workshops comply scrupulously with the Reach regulation, a Community system for the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances, designed to protect both our health and the environment. Reach lists the chemical substances that must be indicated if their presence exceeds 0.1%. Filivivi interprets the rule even more stringently, reducing the quantities of these substances even further and making sure its yarns are awarded all the main certifications.

This certification guarantees that our woolen yarns meet all international standards governing the composition and quality of the wool used on our production lines.

Woolmark Blend
This certifies that all blended yarn is manufactured with pure virgin wool, in percentages that can vary from 50% to 99%.

Confidence in textiles
Issued by the International OEKO-TEX association, this logo guarantees compliance with the immuno-environmental requirements specified in international standard OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Organic Certified by ICEA [GOTS 2017-020]
This certification guarantees the production of textiles products in natural fibres from organic farming, totally traceable, and meeting GOTS standards.